Mother’s Day Card 2019


I have always loved homemade, handwritten cards. It is my way of doing what I enjoy to show someone that I care about them. Well before I ever started Tiny Pine Art I knew that I wanted to create unique, hand drawn stationery for other people to give to the ones they loved too. It feels only right that my first card design would be an ode to my mother. She is one of the fiercest supporters a person could have. Mom is the one who gave me my love of art, nurturing and encouraging it through the years by prompting us with art projects and instilling in us the importance of expressing gratitude and congratulations via stationery.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the constant love and support that I’ve received throughout my life from my grandmothers, stepmother, aunts, mother-in-law, and even friend’s moms. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by strong, loving women my entire life who have been important role models to me. Each have taught me life lessons unique to them. Each are amazing women. Here’s to you moms!

I’ve made a little timelapse video of the drawing process of the design for the card and my husband, Kevin, recorded the birds in our woods to go with the garden-inspired theme of the illustration. Take a look!


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