Colorful, Realistic Watercolor Flower Painting


With spring here and summer approaching, I was inspired by the season’s blooms to try my hand at painting a floral bouquet with bright and sunny colors including poppies, anemones, and eucalyptus leaves. Flowers can be difficult to paint and in my opinion, the best executions are either intentionally gestural, using specific brushes, paint-to-water ratio, and brush pressure to create an expertly effect or a very precise, detail-oriented variation. I admire gestural flowers for their loose and emotive quality which I find personally difficult to pull off. Since that style is not my particular forte, I decided to try a more detailed approach. I’m excited to do more of these so that I can improve – there’s always room for improvement.

Without further ado, here’s a timelapse video of my latest original painting. Hope it brightens your day!


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