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A Harry Potter Inspired Commission | Timelapse Video

Goodwin’s Court is an old, mysterious looking alley way in central London that seems all but forgotten except to photographers and Harry Potter fans!

Literary-loving friends of ours commissioned me to paint this scene from a photo they took on a trip to London. As a fellow Harry Potter fan myself, I was happy to oblige! Fans associate it with Diagon and possibly Knockturn Alleys which are heavily featured in the books and movies. It’s easy to see why! The 18th century, curved glass shop windows and aged brick walls lining the crooked road lend to an old-world feel.

We decided to take some artistic license and enhance some of the elements to make them feel even older and more alive. I turned the cement road into cobblestone, livened up the flowers, and lit all the lamps as if at any moment a wizard would pop out of a shop with new books in tow. Check out the timelapse video of the whole process below:

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, what is your favorite Diagon Alley scene?



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