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courtney hopkins in her art studio with her paintings on the wall behind her
Tiny Pine Art is the studio of illustrator and fine artist, Courtney Hopkins. Rooted near Charlottesville, Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Courtney's work inspires wonder and delight in the wild beauty of nature.
Courtney helps people and businesses bring their creative visions to life through custom illustration and makes heirloom-quality original artwork, archival prints, stationery, and other gifts.
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courtney hopkins with her painting easel outside

About the Artist

Hello and welcome! I'm Courtney, the artist behind Tiny Pine Art.
Having spent my entire life living, hiking, and exploring the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, nature is where I feel most in awe, alive, and at peace. I’m inspired by the intricate details that are easily overlooked in organic material, like tiny sporophytes stretching above a moss bed. I’m inspired by the changes in character of a landscape as the sun moves across the sky, like when a mountainside comes alive at sunrise.
For me, the practice of painting is a meditative, laser-focused study of the flora, fauna, geology, climate, colors, and textures of a place. In this way, creating art allows me to better explore the world and deepens my appreciation for the places that make it truly unique.
landscape and botanical art prints in a flatlay with wood and greenery

Everything I create is rooted in a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. Whether my inspiration grows in my own garden or appears as a fleeting moment of magic experienced out in the wild, I am compelled to capture it through the lens of my paintbrush. I hope my pieces inspire wonder and delight in the wilderness and I would be honored if their story continued with you - in your homes and with your loved ones.


A lifelong artist, I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts and Design which led me to a 10 year career in graphic design and web development. Specializing in designs that celebrate the natural world, I started Tiny Pine Art in 2019 to offer my professional illustration and fine art services to people and businesses alike. From botanicals to landscapes, my illustrations have been featured on wine labels, apparel, maps, web graphics, murals, and book covers.
My style of work can be characterized as highly detailed and realistic and I use many different mediums to create a variety of effects from elegant black and white line-work to subjects bursting off of the page with vibrant color. I named the business “Tiny Pine” as both an homage to my favorite tree and as a representation of the studio itself; a small, one-woman show.
When I’m not making art, you can find me wrangling tomato plants in the garden, curled up watching sci-fi with a pint of ice cream, or exploring the local Virginia countryside with my husband, son, and our dog Maisie.

Let's Work Together!

My greatest joy is working with people like you to craft unique and meaningful artwork and illustrations for their homes, their loved ones,
and their businesses.
I'd be delighted to collaborate with you on your next project!
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