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My Art Show Booth Design + Show Recap

It's art show season again! 

After a year and a half of art and craft shows being shut down and postponed (for obvious reasons) a few have started back up to celebrate the fall season. I'm participating in 3 shows this fall, all completely outdoors with each vendor showing in their own tented booth. I wanted to kick my display up a notch, add varying heights, and create little nooks for people to explore. I also wanted to add some varying textures to make the overall space feel inviting and cozy. 

After a week of designing, collecting, power washing, painting, and prepping.. I am so proud of how my pop up art booth came together! It’s like if you turned a sweater inside out - you’re getting to see all the things that inspire me out on display. It was very rewarding to see it all put together! The shutters came from my in-laws barn. They are hand made and over 150 years old! I don’t know about you but I love a good reclaiming and repurposing story. A big thank you to my father-in-law who remembered they were stashed away and let me use them.

Here's a before of the shutters

old shutters with peeling paint


Once I power washed the shutters and scraped the left over paint off, they got a thick coat of hunter green enamel paint applied with a spray gun.


paint spray gun Courtney Hopkins in face mask


The final result


Courtney Hopkins in her Tiny Pine Art booth


Tiny Pine Art booth


Tiny Pine Art booth


Tiny Pine Art booth

While I loved seeing my booth all put together this weekend, the absolute best part of the day was getting to meet and have great conversations with some really thoughtful people.

I was so touched by their stories that my art display had inspired them to come and share with me. Last year was really hard for everyone, some more than others. I learned that for some, the heaviness prevented them from being able to create for themselves. I was so humbled to learn that through watching me create my artwork, others were inspired to get back into their own practice.

There is nothing more rewarding than discovering that what you do can positively affect someone in that way. It was completely unexpected and I’m very honored and grateful.

I loved connecting with those of you who shared your creative outlets with me and I hope you continue to pursue it in your own way! If you visited me in my booth last weekend, just know how much I appreciated our conversations and loved chatting with you!

There are 2 more chances to come out and see the booth (and me) in person this fall:
  1. This Friday, Sept. 24 at the MetamorphIX Art Festival from 5pm to 10pm at the IX Art Park 
  2. Oct. 23rd at Craft Cville from 11am - 4pm The Shops at Stonefield

Which elements of my booth resonate with you the most? I'd love to know!


Tiny Pine Art booth

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