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The Acorn House - Logo Redesign

Client: The Acorn House
Illustrative Logo Redesign
I’m delighted to introduce the illustrative logo redesign I did for The Acorn House!
From their website: “The Acorn House is a family run, wood craftsman studio in the UK creating bespoke tables, furniture, and home wares for families and friends crafting community… They focus on quality materials using some of the finest British, European and North American hardwoods. They source their woods ethically and sustainably, and their craftsmen always have a consideration for the environment in the way they create your bespoke pieces.”
the acorn house logo on green background

The Acorn House began with a family.

"When Brandon Ross welcomed his first son, James, in 2018, he wanted to build a legacy that his family would be proud of. Crafting a rattle from some hardwood off-cuts, Brandon realised that well-built pieces could be passed down to his son, and his son’s children, through the generations."
"We want to build pieces that will last a lifetime, that you will share with your friends and family. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing your Acorn House pieces on the table. We take great pride in crafting these pieces for your home and your lives."
Check out their beautiful craftsmanship:
the acorn house woodcrafted products
the acorn house wooden table
Signature Dining Table
acorn house sugar maple sunday board
Sugar Maple Sunday Board
acorn house chevron coasters
Chevron Coasters
It was such a joy to work with another small business who shares a lot of the same values around craftsmanship and sustainability, in addition to being great people to work with! The goal of this logo redesign was to elevate the previous logo so that it captures the inspiration behind their business and reflects the heirloom quality of the hand crafted products that they create. Working in the UK, it was important that the overall look of the custom, hand drawn illustration and logo text be inspired by the English countryside while having a modern, polished touch.
the acorn house logo on wood backgroundthe acorn house logo illustration
I’m delighted with the final product and love seeing how they have incorporated it throughout their website and merch products! Make sure to go check out their portfolio and shop!
the acorn house website
acorn house logo enamel mug acorn house logo water bottle

Product photos courtesy of The Acorn House



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