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The Story Behind My Custom Bouquet Paintings


Let me tell you a story...

I was once the bride who spent months planning a wedding, pouring over wedding magazines and pinterest photos gathering inspiration to help me style my wedding in a way that felt special and unique to my husband and I. One of the biggest, most visible elements of this is the wedding bouquet.
The bouquet is how the bride incorporates all of the colors, textures, and sentimental talismans that she holds dear to her during one of the most special days of her life. A lot of time and money and care goes into designing that bouquet and one of the saddest parts about it is that it's lifespan is so brief! It might last a day or two in full glory but then quickly fades. I desperately wanted to preserve my bouquet so that I could enjoy it for years to come so I attempted to dry it. Unfortunately, some flowers dry better than others, and even at their best, they don't come close to their glory when fresh.
My solution to this problem is combining my archival quality paints and papers with my lifetime of experience and passion for painting into heirloom-quality, one-of-a-kind, custom bouquet paintings. Painted in watercolor, with realistic detail and vibrant color, these paintings make timeless anniversary and bridal gifts and are a wedding flower keepsake that lasts a lifetime. These paintings bring me so much joy to create and I love working directly with you to make sure it's as special as possible.
montage of wedding bouquet paintings and brides with their bouquets

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